The Benefits of Organic Lipstick Over Conventional Lipsticks 

The Benefits of Organic Lipstick Over Conventional Lipsticks 

Want to make the switch from conventional to organic lipstick? Learn about the advantages and find out why going natural might be best for your lips!

With organic lipstick becoming more widely available, many beauty lovers are wondering how it compares to traditional cosmetics. Discover the differences between organic and conventional lipsticks, from ingredients used to environmental impact to long-term results for your lips.

Contain Sustainable, Natural Oils and Butters.

Organic lipstick is made from sustainable, natural oils and butters, including shea butter and cocoa butter. These plant-based ingredients help to hydrate your lips for longer lasting moisture and softer lips. Traditional lipsticks often contain harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and other irritants that can be drying over time. With organic lipsticks, you can confidently apply without worry of an ingredient list full of hard-to-pronounce additives.

Organic lipsticks are also often labeled “vegan,” meaning they don’t contain any animal byproducts. Unlike conventional lipsticks that are formulated with ingredients like lanolin and beeswax, vegan lipsticks typically use plant-sourced oils such as jojoba for better hydration and lasting wear. So if you’re looking for a more comfortable way to wear lipstick, organic formulas might be the way to go.

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Organic lipsticks also often contain other natural and sustainable ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, and sunflower oil that help keep lips soft and hydrated. These organic formula are not only more agreeable to sensitivities, they provide conditioning benefits as well. Plus some organic lipsticks are enriched with vitamins like vitamin E, which further helps enhance the overall condition of your lips.

Conventional or non-organic lipsticks however, contain a number of parabens, synthetic lubricants, mineral oil and petrolatum, which create their signature texture. These are not only likely to cause lip sensitivity in some people but can also often leave lips feeling dry and require more frequent reapplication. Furthermore, conventional lipsticks have been associated with a greater risk of developing immune related conditions like skin… allergies as compared to natural alternatives.

In contrast, organic lipsticks are made up of natural oils and butters such as Argan oil, cacao butter and jojoba oil. These are blended to not only bring their signature vibrant colour but also create a long-lasting formula that ensures comfortable wear on the lips throughout the day. They don’t require frequent application as they maintain their colour for a longer period of time than conventional lipsticks. Furthermore, organic lipsticks contain specific properties that allow them to naturally hydrate your lips with each application leaving lips feeling smooth and nourished.

Ultimately, while both type of lipsticks create beautiful colour and definition on the lips, organic lipsticks provide the greater benefits to your health. They are formulated with natural ingredients that keep lips nourished and moisturized for longer lasting wear. Conventional lipsticks are more prone to cause skin irritations and allergies because of their chemical makeup, making them a less desirable option if you’re looking for a safer product. Organic lipsticks are therefore the better choice for anyone wanting to switch up their beauty routine without sacrificing comfort or safety.

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