Conventional Cosmetics vs Organic Cosmetics

Conventional Cosmetics vs Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are more and more numerous in beauty departments. 

Consumers are more concerned and educated about what to apply to their skin, just like what they put on their plates. 

But what is the difference between conventional cosmetics and organic cosmetics? Are organic treatments as effective? What more do they bring?

Why opt for organic cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics: what is the difference?

Today nearly three quarters of French women have already used an organic cosmetic product during their life, but it is not always easy to distinguish organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics.

A natural cosmetic is a cosmetic that contains at least 95% natural ingredients but not necessarily organic.

An organic beauty product is made from natural ingredients largely from organic farming. It is free of extracts of animal origin (except ingredients produced naturally by the animal such as honey, milk, etc.) and not tested on animals. 

The composition of organic cosmetics is more demanding than that of natural cosmetics.

That’s why the composition is always scientifically proven and well studied. 

To get your bearings, there are organic beauty labels like ecocert and bio cosmos. 

The easiest way is to refer to the Ecocert/Cosmébio label which imposes percentages in the composition of an organic cosmetic, namely:

at least 95% natural ingredients or of natural origin

at least 95% of plant ingredients from organic farming

at least 10% of all ingredients from organic farming.

Note that water and minerals such as clay cannot be considered organic as they are taken directly from nature and are not cultivated.

Organic beauty products are better for your health and for the environment so you need them when you are taking these steps forward to a healthier lifestyle.

The first good reason to prefer organic beauty products is that they are better for your health.

Organic labels or certifications impose a limited list of authorized ingredients. You will not find parabens, irritants, mineral oils or silicones in organic care. 

In brief when you see the label ecocert or bio cosmos you should know that its toxins Free. 

The rare authorized synthetic components are strictly selected. This is good news because much of what we apply to our skin is absorbed by our body. you find at our store the perfect selection of French beauty products from organic sources and as well certified by ecocert and biocosmos

Organic products intended to cleanse the skin, for example, are less aggressive for the skin than conventional products. If they foam little or not at all, it is because they do not contain sodium laureth, an irritating component because it is a detergent for the skin.

On our website  you can find a collection of body and hair cleansers like the Moroccan organic Ghassoul that does not foam but perfectly clean and detox the body and hair.

Organic cosmetics go straight to the point by providing the skin with natural ingredients and substances that it benefits from and that it knows how to metabolize. This is not the case for certain chemical substances that the skin does not know how to eliminate.

The second good reason to bet on responsible organic beauty products is ecological.

The use of organic cosmetics guarantees the absence of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the ingredients from organic farming. Composed of natural, raw and unprocessed substances, organic beauty products cost less energy.

The packaging of organic and natural products is generally less polluting. During the design, emphasis is placed on the recycling of raw materials. Organic finished products and packaging are often biodegradable or recyclable (glass, cardboard, bamboo, etc.). As such, they help reduce the accumulation of plastic.

This is why our Lily N’ Coco have made the decision to maintain a strictly environmentally sustainable lifestyle and chose a collection of products that has the least possible impact on the planet. 

The particular case of solid cosmetics sold without packaging (such as solid shampoo) eliminates the need to throw away a container. In addition, these products last longer and are more economical.

The choice of organic cosmetics brands is growing

Shampoos, creams, lotions, masks, oils, deodorants, shower gels, sunscreens, make-up, toothpaste, the range of organic cosmetics has greatly expanded. Organic cosmetics brands are also increasingly varied, meeting the hygiene and beauty needs of women, men and children. Overview of several brands of organic cosmetics available in our store, click to view the products of each brand.


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