Made in France

Made in France

 "Made in France" appears on a packaging of cosmetic products, its manufacturers will have to comply with the non -preferential rules of origin set by the WTO (World Trade Organization), and the applicable European rules.

Franco lavage is a technique that aims to make the consumer believe that a product is made in France when it is not.

Beware of those who would like to create confusion in the mind of the consumer by letting him believe that his cosmetic product is French. Slide a blue white blue artifice, playing on the codes of France (Eiffel Tour, Coq, …) to let the consumer believe that his product is French, put mentions "100% designed in France", "French brand since 1980" , is punishable if this is not real.

Choosing our Products at Pure n' Bio is a very critical job, but we insist on being Transparent and present a full truth without any twist.

Brands that can claim to be "Made in France" are often very transparent on their production methods, their actions and proud to highlight their sourcing of raw materials and their ecosystem. Until the blockchain gives us all the traceability information of the product, trust these brands that play the game of authenticity and transparency, you will not be mistaken!

French products quality

Each brand "Made in France" is guaranteeing the quality of its products. French cosmetic products are recognized all over the world. They are real ambassadors of the "France" brand. It is the recognition of know-how, the professionalism of researchers, innovation, incredible textures, "French" gestures, excellence, concern for detail .

It is this collective awareness of the treasure that we have in our hands with the "France" brand that pushes us today to remain exemplary.

That’s why Lily N’ Coco insist on the products that are made in France, and that has been developed according to the French regulations.

The know-how of French laboratories

We have one of the most demanding regulations in the world to which French cosmetics laboratories bend to guarantee security and protect us from all harmful ingredients for our health. The formulas are developed with the greatest care by manufacturers respectful of French legislation and raw materials, some of which are often very expensive.

Sourcing, short circuits and environmental impact

Sourcing of raw materials is essential to ensure their quality and transformation before being used as active in formulas. This sourcing is essential to guarantee a quality product.

Today, some brands choose to work with local producers to promote short circuits and reduce the environmental impact, whether in terms of transport that in terms of energy expenditure in the production process.

Ethics and social impact

From an ethical point of view, the interest of the "made in France" for the consumption is real. It supports an ancestral know-how

A dynamic of very French innovation

If the historical brands have been able to question themselves in recent years to develop their formulas towards more natural and simpler formulas

That’s why what you find at Pure n'Bio , you can not find anywhere else , in each product there is a lot of effort, science and innovation

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