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Neutral Organic Deodorant

Absorbs moisture, while organic sage hydrolate soothes.

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Neutral, formulated without perfume, it preserves the natural elimination functions of the skin with its formula enriched with bamboo powder, recognized for its absorption qualities, and with organic sage hydrosol. Without aluminum salt. It neutralizes odors and leaves the skin soft.

50mL bottle.

✓ Made in Vichy


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What do you expect?

What do you expect?

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to confidence! Our Fragrance-Free Deodorant is a certified organic formula designed to keep you fresh while respecting your skin's natural balance. Enriched with powerful yet gentle ingredients, this deodorant effectively neutralizes odor without irritation, leaving you feeling comfortable and protected all day long.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients

• Bamboo Powder: A natural powerhouse, bamboo powder absorbs excess moisture to keep you dry and odor-free.
• Organic Sage Hydrolate: Known for its calming properties, sage hydrolate soothes and reduces irritation, perfect for those with sensitive skin.
• Plant-Based Antimicrobials: This blend of natural ingredients combats odor-causing bacteria without disrupting your skin's natural microbiome.
• Gentle Emollients: These nourishing ingredients keep your underarms feeling soft and smooth, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

What do we promise?

What do we promise?

• Long-Lasting Protection: Experience all-day freshness with effective odor neutralization, keeping you feeling confident.
• Aluminum-Free & Gentle: Free of harsh chemicals and aluminum, this deodorant is kind to sensitive skin.
• Certified Organic: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're using a deodorant made with the highest quality organic ingredients.