Illuminating Organic Serum - Vitamin C

Reduces pigmentation and unifies skin tone.

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A serum that reduces pigment spots and gives radiance.

Dull and tired skin is the result of a lack of sleep, stress, cold or the passage of time... On the skin this results in a lack of uniformity, sagging skin and pigment spots. It is no longer as bright and toned.

Our Illuminating Vitamin C Serum is a real energy booster. It recharges the skin with vitamin C and reduces signs of fatigue. The skin is illuminated and pigment spots are reduced. It gives your skin a boost. This one is in great shape: bright, uniform and smooth!

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What Do You Expect From This Product

What Do You Expect From This Product

Age spots are an overproduction of melanin on the skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun can be the cause, but also skin aging or poor healing of a pimple.

With our Illuminating Vitamin C Serum we offer you action on all fronts:

UNIFY: pigment spots are faded. The complexion is more uniform and light is better reflected. (Ascorbyl glucoside)

PROTECT: the skin is protected from free radicals and skin aging is limited. (Ascorbyl glucoside)

MOISTURIZE: moisturizing active ingredients help maintain good hydration in the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is smoother, softer and fine lines are reduced. (Hyaluronic acid – aloe vera – glycerin)

Gradually, spots are reduced, the complexion is brighter and the skin is recharged!

Organic Active Ingredients

Organic Active Ingredients

-Organic Hyaluronic Acid: This plant-derived hero hydrates and plumps your skin, keeping it looking youthful and supple.
-Organic Ascorbyl Glucoside: This gentle form of Vitamin C, derived from organic sources, brightens the skin and helps fight free radical damage, contributing to a more radiant and youthful appearance.
-Organic Aloe Vera: This soothing botanical extract calms redness and irritation while providing a natural moisture boost.
-Vegetable Glycerin: This plant-based humectant works alongside hyaluronic acid to attract and retain moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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