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Hydrating Hydrogen Ceramic Beads

Powerful Hydration & Anti Oxydant!
With A Japanese Patent LETTER N° JP5664952

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This complex of minerals and hydrogen is a powerhouse of hydration and antioxidant power, delivering electrolytes such as calcium, zinc and phosphorus to help your cells absorb water, boost the immune system, reduce fatigue, and fuel you up for any athletic challenge. Plus, its ceramic ball or bead filters your running water for improved quality. Recharge, revitalize, and power up with Hydrating Hydrogen Ceramic Beads!

4 Months continuous use for these 20g of beads

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• Powerful antioxidant
• Alkalizes the pH
• Boosts the immune system
• Helps with muscle contraction
• Strengthens bones and teeth
• Strengthens bones and teeth
• Participates in the production of proteins
• Antioxidant
• Stimulates the immune defenses
• Contributes to the production of testosterone and therefore to muscle mass gain
• Fixes calcium in bones
• Stimulates collagen production
• Antioxidant
• Cleanses the body
• Restores acid-base balance

Continuous hydrogen infusion:

✔️ Sport: prevents dehydration, helps gain mass and muscle contraction, avoids aches, reduces physical fatigue
✔️ Well-being: reduces fatigue, prevents cell oxidation, stimulates the immune system, hydrates
✔️ Beauty: prevents skin aging, deeply hydrates
Study results:
The redox potential (ORP oxidation reduction potential) is reduced by half by inserting the hydrogen-enriched beads:
After 24 hours it goes from 1688 mV to 932 mV.
After 1 month: from 1254 to 563.
After 3 months from 523 to 206
Measured dissolved hydrogen concentration:
-1st days: 1.688 μg/L
-1 month: 785 μg/L
-3 months: 260 μg/L
- 4 months: 198 μg/L

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