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Frosted Cherry Vegan Toothpaste- Fluoride free

Re-mineralizing, Desensitizing & Antibacterial

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100% natural and vegan toothpaste

Fluoride Free 

A true complete protection & whitening treatment. Thanks to our unique formula of hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate, fluoride-free toothpaste is a complete care for your teeth that helps remove plaque and strengthen enamel.

Our Intense Freshness Toothpaste with Frosted Cherry flavor is a 100% natural treatment with whitening, re-mineralizing, desensitizing & antibacterial actions.

Made in France

Size: 55 g


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Why is TREW toothpaste the healthy choice?

Why is TREW toothpaste the healthy choice?

This toothpaste of 100% of origins of natural ingredients is fluoride free and Contain HYDROXYAPATITE a compound of calcium and phosphate that is naturally present in our oral environment.The main component of our teeth is hydroxyapatite (97% of enamel and 70% of dentin), a calcium phosphate formulation. This ingredient is safe and highly biocompatible. Nano medical hydroxyapatite particles penetrate beneath the enamel surface delivering replacement calcium and phosphate ions to areas where minerals have dissolved. This process remineralizes demineralized enamel and restores its integrity and translucent appearance.

Repairs and Reinvigorates Tooth Surfaces.

Repairs and Reinvigorates Tooth Surfaces.

• Induces remineralization comparable to that achieved by fluoride toothpaste, thwarting cavity formation, without the multiple side effects of fluoride intake. This suggests that a toothpaste infused with nano medical hydroxyapatite could serve as a viable alternative to fluoride-based counterparts.• Revitalizes demineralized regions beneath the enamel surface.• Demonstrates superior remineralization of tooth enamel compared to saliva and matches the efficacy of fluoride agents. Notably, unlike fluoride, which relies on saliva for remineralization, nanomedical hydroxyapatite directly contributes to tooth remineralization.3• Mends recent surface irregularities in tooth enamel, restoring compromised enamel to its original smooth state.• Bonds to bacteria and biofilm, facilitating their elimination and providing protection against dental caries.• Eradicates white spots and incipient cavities, restoring enamel to its pristine condition.• Shields against biofilm adhesion and stains by minimizing the number of cracks available for attachment.

Having Healthy Teeth Is Eternal.

Having Healthy Teeth Is Eternal.

-Lifetime Smile: Brushing and flossing right can keep your teeth strong and healthy for a lifetime, ensuring a confident smile at every age.
-Healthy Habits, Healthy Teeth: Consistent oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are key to keeping your teeth healthy throughout your life.
-Prevention is Key: Taking good care of your teeth now prevents problems later, allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of delicious food and confident conversation.
-A Smile that Lasts: By prioritizing oral health, you invest in a lifetime of beautiful teeth – a valuable asset that contributes to overall well-being.
-Ageless Confidence: With proper care, your teeth can be a source of confidence for your entire life, allowing you to smile brightly at every stage.

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اللي احسن من المنتجات الخدمة والذوق !

شكرا مرة على الذوق في التعامل والصبر ومنتجاتكم كلها بطلة

انصح فيه

مرة انصح فيه ما استخدم غيره

افضل معجون اسنان

من زمان وانا بدور على معجون من دون فلورايد بس فعال، لحد ما طحت على دا المنتج
رائع فعلا وصرت اخد منو لكل العيلة

Huda M
Best organic things

I bought many things from them . I like it. I used lip balm cherry and lip night mask . I loved them so much. Also I bought toothpaste for me and for my family . My daughter has problem in her tooth after using the toothpaste dentist noticed big difference and she asked me to show her the type of toothpaste.