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Intense Organic Night Cream

Unlock Your Radiance With 4 Organic Active Ingredients.

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Experience a beautiful morning glow with our Intense Organic and Natural Night Cream.

At night your skincare works better , so make sure if you didnt do your morning routine, never miss it at night routine.

Our skin is known to absorb nutrients better at night, Here comes our perfect Intense Organic Night Cream from La Fare en Provence with 4 active organic ingredients.  on Elevate your nighttime skincare routine and wake up to rejuvenated skin!

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What do you expect?

What do you expect?

Gone are the days of simply moisturizing before bed. The Intense Organic Night Cream promises a scientific approach to nighttime skincare, aiming to unlock a revelation upon waking. This cream transcends hydration, harnessing the power of nature's actives alongside scientific research to optimize your skin's natural repair process. Let's delve deeper and explore the science behind its transformative claims.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients

This isn't just about feeling good; it's about harnessing the power of science. Our unique blend of organic botanicals boasts a powerhouse of benefits:
• Hibiscus Flower: This rare beauty promotes cellular renewal, encouraging your skin to shed dullness and reveal a fresh, vibrant layer.
• Edelweiss: Nature's hydrator extraordinaire, Edelweiss deeply infuses your skin with moisture, leaving it supple and protected.
• Sesame: An antioxidant powerhouse, Sesame combats free radical damage, a major contributor to aging. This translates to a youthful, rejuvenated complexion.
• Macadamia: This luxurious oil improves microcirculation, ensuring a healthy flush of color and a radiant finish.

What do we promise?

What do we promise?

We offer more than just a product; we offer a promise. With the Intense Night Cream, you can expect:
• A visibly brighter, more even complexion.
• Deep hydration that lasts all day.
• A reduction in the appearance of fine lines.
• Skin that feels luxuriously soft and smooth.
Embrace the power of nighttime renewal and experience the transformative effects of our Intense Night Cream.