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Bio Twist Organic 2 in 1 Lip Pencil

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Introducing Our Lip Makeup Wonder: 55% Active Ingredients for Effortless Beauty!

Elevate your lip game with our Lip Makeup Wonder, crafted with an astounding 55% of active ingredients! This innovative 2-in-1 pencil redefines your lip routine, offering quick, easy, and highly effective solutions for flawless lip makeup. Don't miss out on this essential beauty companion!

Key Features:

  • 55% Active Ingredients: Immerse your lips in the power of our formula enriched with a substantial concentration of active ingredients.
  • 2-in-1 Pencil: Simplify your lip routine with this versatile pencil, designed for both coloring and protection.
  • Texture: Luxuriously smooth wax texture for effortless application.
  • Finish: Choose from glossy, shiny, or pearly finishes to suit your style.


  • To Colour: Infuse vibrant, long-lasting color for a stunning lip look.
  • To Protect: Shield your lips with nourishing ingredients for health and softness.
  • To Smooth: Experience velvety-smooth texture for a flawless finish.

How to Use:

Twist the base of the pencil to dispense the desired amount of lipstick. Apply directly to lips or outline with precision. Twist the base back and replace the cap for future use.


Achieve beautifully smooth and moisturized lips with our Lip Makeup Wonder, formulated to nourish, protect, and beautify with every application.

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