When did the cosmetic industry started in France?

When did the cosmetic industry started in France?

In the 18th century, cosmetics became more and more scientific in France.
The experimental and quantitative approach of chemical reactions promoted the evolution of modern cosmetics.
The industrial revolution had started.

The Revolution imposed new codes and conferred to white its letters of nobility, which is not the least of its paradoxes.

Admittedly, since 1798, the products from the French industry had been presented in Paris, but not on a regular basis.

As early as 1820, French entrepreneurs were giving a new life to perfumery. As of 1830, fabrication changed and became industrial.

Quantity and quality guaranteed the fast development of the cosmetic industry, notably in France. In 1855, Paris provided the world with bath soap. New essences were imported, and new chemical syntheses were introduced.

In France, in June 1857 the registration of trademarks (property of a name) was added to the registration of invention patents, thus profoundly modifying trade rules.

The first half of the 19th century was marked by an accelerated development of the cosmetics industry. Production and productivity became key words. The notion of product safety had appeared.
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