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Capital Femininity Food Supplement For Menopause

Biorhythm-Based Formula: Empowering Women During Menopause

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Capital Feminine is an innovative, day/night formula designed to empower women during menopause. This unique system respects the body's natural biorhythms, addressing specific needs throughout the day and night for a peaceful transition.

Chronobiology, the science of biological rhythms, highlights the importance of aligning support with the body's natural 24-hour cycle. Capital Feminine's day/night approach reflects this understanding, providing targeted benefits throughout the day and night for optimal results.

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Capital Femininity Food Supplement For Menopause - Pure n' Bio

Daytime Support for Overall Comfort:

Bone Health: Calcium and vitamin D work synergistically to strengthen bones and improve calcium absorption.
Reduced Fatigue: Vitamin C provides a natural energy boost to combat fatigue.
Sweat Management: Sage extract helps regulate body temperature and reduce excessive sweating.
Cellular Protection: Vitamin E and selenium offer antioxidant benefits, protecting cells from free radicals.

Nighttime Relaxation and Sleep:

Optimal Isoflavone Support: Soy isoflavones (in a highly bioavailable aglycone form) help address specific hormonal changes during menopause.
Continued Bone Strengthening: Calcium and vitamin D maintain their focus on bone health throughout the night.
Nervous System Balance: Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to a balanced nervous system and normal muscle function, promoting relaxation.
Stress Reduction: Hops and lavender extracts provide calming properties to support restful sleep.

Capital Feminine's Commitment:

GMO-Free Isoflavones: We guarantee the soy isoflavones used are Non-GMO.

Important Note:
Consult Your Doctor: This product is not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer. It's important to discuss Capital Feminine with your doctor before use.

Embrace a Balanced Menopause:
Capital Feminine empowers women to navigate menopause with confidence. This comprehensive day/night formula addresses various concerns, promoting overall comfort, restful sleep, and a healthy transition into this new chapter.

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