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Detangling & Nourishing Organic Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner That Fortifies Your Hair!

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A miracle hair care product, essential for healthy, smooth, and shiny hair! Its exotic fragrance with a touch of coconut takes you away!

Essential to facilitate the restoration of tangled hair and to close the hair scales by smoothing the hair fibre.

A combination of ORGANIC ingredients: Aloe Vera restores shine and limits hair loss, Papaya hydrates, smoothes and detangles, Shea intensely nourishes, and Coconut stimulates regrowth for healthy, beautiful hair. It is applied after shampooing on damp hair, on the lengths and ends. Its delicious sweet scent with notes of Coconut will take you under the sun.
A short break of 2 minutes, a good rinse and that's it! The result is immediate.

Dermatologically tested.


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What do you expect?

What do you expect?

Imagine stepping out of the shower, ready to take on the day. But your hair? It's a tangled warzone, a battlefield of frustration. Here's where Detangling & Nourishing Organic Hair Conditioner becomes your secret weapon. This luxurious formula, with its soft, creamy texture, melts onto your hair, effortlessly detangling even the most stubborn knots. Feel the transformation as your hair becomes incredibly smooth and manageable. Detangling & Nourishing Organic Hair Conditioner isn't just about taming frizz; it's about revealing the hidden vibrancy and health of your hair, unlocking its natural growth potential.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients

We don't mess with chemicals. Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner is a cocktail of nature's finest ingredients, specifically chosen to promote healthy hair growth and luxurious softness.
• Organic Aloe Vera: Restores shine, fights hair loss, and provides a healthy scalp environment for new growth to thrive.
• Papaya: This natural detangler, rich in vitamins A and C, hydrates, smooths, and strengthens hair, promoting healthy growth from the root.
• Shea Butter: Nature's deep conditioner, intensely nourishes each strand, adding softness and shine while promoting a healthy scalp for optimal hair growth.
• Coconut: Not only does it have a delicious scent, but coconut oil is known to penetrate the hair shaft, adding moisture and strength, which can help reduce breakage and support healthy growth.
This isn't just conditioning; it's hair rejuvenation and a foundation for beautiful, long locks.

What do we promise?

What do we promise?

Your Hair's Promise: Strength, Shine, Softness, and Effortless Beauty
Detangling & Nourishing Conditioner isn't just about a quick fix; it's a commitment to healthy, growing hair with a luxuriously soft texture. With continued use, expect stronger strands, dazzling shine, and a mane that's easier to manage than ever before. It's the effortless confidence that comes with knowing your hair looks and feels its absolute best.