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Gift cards rules and regulations



Gift Card Usage Rules and Regulations:

  1. Purchase: Gift cards can be obtained through online platforms, retail stores, or directly from our website. Select the desired amount to load onto the gift card.

  2. Activation: Gift cards require activation before they can be used. Activation is usually done at the time of purchase, either by the cashier or through an automated process.

  3. Terms and Conditions: Please carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the gift card. These may include expiration dates, usage restrictions, and any applicable fees.

  4. Expiration Date: Gift cards may have an expiration date. It is important to use the gift card before it expires to avoid losing its value. Check the card or accompanying documentation for the expiration date.

  5. Usage Restrictions: Some gift cards have specific usage restrictions. For example, some gift cards may only be redeemable at our store or its affiliated locations. Please ensure where your gift card can be redeemed.

  6. Balance: Keep track of the gift card's remaining balance. To avoid any inconvenience, regularly check the balance and plan purchases accordingly.

  7. Redemption: To redeem a gift card, present it at the checkout counter or enter the card details during online checkout. The card's balance will be applied towards the total purchase amount.

  8. Partial Redemption: In some instances, it may be possible to make a purchase for an amount lower than the gift card's balance. Any remaining balance can usually be used for future purchases, subject to the expiry date or other restricitions on some gift cards.

  9. Lost or Stolen Cards: Treat gift cards like cash. Lost or stolen gift cards may not be replaceable. It is crucial to keep them in a safe place until they are used to prevent any unauthorized use.